On the course of the 100 Bridgesloop you will encounter a number of steep calf biters. You go up no less than 13% on the Wouterenbrug (32), the Molensteegbrug (49), the Zuidsingelbrug (78) and the Visbrug (100 – see photo). The Rembrandtbrug (26) and Kerkbrug (71) hit the 10% mark.

Two of the four step bridges in the route, the Jan van Goyen Bridge (33) and the Hapynion Bridge (42) also put the legs to the test. The Hapynion Bridge over the Oude Rijn is also the highest bridge of the course at 4 meters. It is so high because the houseboats moored on the Oude Rijn must be able to pass under it.

Many of the bridges in the course do not or hardly go up. But with these steep guys you still reach a total of about 144 altimeters if you walk the full distance. That’s twice the Cauberg. You can get up and down each individual bridge in no time: but in combination with the length and the constant twisting and turning, they do feel increasingly heavier! With the oldest bridge in Leiden, the Visbrug from +/- 1200, we have saved the steepest bridge for you last.

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